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Teen WolfTV Show 2011

In the end, Teen Wolf didn't really end. The show "ended" by basically saying, "the fight goes on." A flash forward showed Scott and Argent (JR Bourne) teaming up some time in the near future to track down other young teen werewolves who are being hunted down by Monroe's followers, and welcoming them into Scott's pack with help from all of his friends.

Teen WolfTV Show | 2011

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Davis is also happy he was able to "write and show the kind of friendships that I wish I'd had as a teenager, and to write a story where friends will do anything for each other and risk their lives for each other."

A new Teen Wolf reboot anthology series is currently in early development at MTV. The Teen Wolf TV show is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name, starring Michael J. Fox as a seventeen-year-old high school student turned-werewolf. The original Teen Wolf movie became a box office success upon initial release and served to set the stage for a short-lived cartoon spinoff in 1986, as well as a full-fledged sequel in 1987. MTV's own Teen Wolf TV show is now about to wrap up with its final season.

The MTV Teen Wolf will have gone on for six seasons total, after having started its run on the small screen in 2011. Since it began, the show has managed to garner generally positive reviews and maintained it popularity as a fan-favorite on social media and starred Tyler Posey as resident high school werewolf Scott McCall. Even though Teen Wolf season 6 isn't over yet, it would appear MTV is already making plans for the property to continue beyond its current iteration.

Teen Wolf was the first scripted drama series for MTV in 2011, and has quickly helped to launch the network further forward into the realm of narrative-based programs. Whether or not fans of the original show will be especially eager to say goodbye to Tyler Posey and company and say hello to an anthology series reboot, admittedly, remains to be seen.

In a world where 1980's TV shows are are being adapted into movies is strange to see a 1980's movie being adapted into a TV show, but that's exactly what MTV is doing with Teen Wolf. Now according to Moviehole the network is trying to get Michael J. Fox on board with the project! Apparently they want him to have a recurring role in the new series. If this turns out to be true, then all of a sudden I'm forced to have to watch this show that I have no desire to see. Why? Because it's Michael J. Fox, the original teen wolf!

Perhaps realizing that a steady diet of vapid teen reality shows is bound to make any TV network bulimic in time, MTV announced that they would begin dabbling in scripted series earlier this year. First up? A reboot of the 1985 classic "Teen Wolf" starring Michael J. Fox. As announced, the MTV series would give the film a "contemporary" spin incorporating horror elements, werewolf mythology and a sweeping love story... so basically "Twilight" without the good hair. After checking out the pilot script the network today revealed that they have given "Teen Wolf" an initial pilot presentation order. Details after the jump. 041b061a72


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