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Current Projects


Culturally Competent Corporations

Working with several corporate clients to create appropriate training sessions to create or expand on a cultural of equity and inclusion.  By utilizing a community cultural wealth model, companies will be able to better target employees strengths and leadership styles to build more productive teams.  Possible training session include marketing, recruiting, cultural competence, anti-racism, microaggressions, inter-cultural communications, LGBTQIA 101, equity and the law, and other specifically-tailored topics.

Youth Voices in the Movement for Change

A virtual speaker series, this project focuses on centering the voices of activists and featuring the many contributions they are making in their communities.  Each month a different panel of young activists, volunteers or student leaders will share their stories of how their are changing the world and what they hope to accomplish with their actions.  Time will also be allotted for collective thinking and suggestions from participants.

Image by Chris Montgomery

An Innovative Solution

The DFAD Youth Working Group will center and be led by young people led and focused organizations, student organizations, and organizations with youth engagement arms. This could include any organization that seeks to engage young people in HR1/S1: For the People Act advocacy. The purpose of this group is to 1) create a space for young folks and students in the pro-democracy movement and 2) organize and coordinate in an effective and mindful way.

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