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The District of Columbia now auctions its surplus property online through GovDeals, a Liquidity Services, Inc. marketplace. The district awarded the contract for the management of the inventory, appraisal, sale and shipping of the city's surplus property to Liquidity Services Inc. LSI conducts auctions of city assets such as vehicles, police automobile accessories, computer equipment, radios and other communications equipment, office furniture and other supplies through its online marketplace. The auctions are expected to improve data tracking and financial oversight of the city's surplus asset disposition activities.Metropolitan Police Department's seized, abandoned and surplus property, including vehicles, are included in these auctions. A public inspection date of the property is included on the web page. All property offered for sale is "AS IS," "WHERE IS," and without recourse against the Government of the District of Columbia.

on line auctions

Before buying and selling on an online auction site, look at its reputation. You can usually find real reviews on social media sites like Reddit or Facebook. Legitimate auction sites offer privacy, security, and dispute resolution.

Many firms in the business to consumer market sell identical products online using auctions and posted prices at the same time. In this paper, we develop and analyze a model of the key tradeoffs sellers face in such a dual-channel setting that is built around the interplay of three design parameters, the posted price, the auction lot size, and the auction duration. Our results show that a monopolist seller can increase his revenues by offering auctions and a fixed price concurrently, and we identify when either a posted price only or a dual channel strategy is optimal for the seller. We model consumer choice of channels, and thus market segmentation, and find that consumers who value the item for more than its posted price use a threshold policy to choose between the two channels. The threshold defines an upper bound on the remaining time of the auction. We explain how optimizing the design parameters enables the seller to effectively segment the market so that the two channels reinforce each other and cannibalization is mitigated. Our findings also demonstrate that there are two dominant auction design strategies in this setting: one-unit auctions that tend to be short and long multi-unit auctions. Which of these two strategies is optimal for the seller depends on the consumer arrival rate and the disutility of delivery delay incurred by high valuation consumers. In either case, the optimal auction design of the dual channel can significantly outperform a single posted price channel. Our results indicate that the seller's surplus from offering auctions is lower when consumers are more sophisticated in estimating their expected discount from participating in the auction.

The 2022 ARRL Online Auction will feature unique vintage items, new gear, Product Review items, and more! Pre-registration begins October 19-20.Proceeds from the annual Online Auction benefit ARRL education programs. Bidders must register (your user ID and password will not work on the auction site). If you have registered for a previous ARRL Online Auction, you may use the same log-in information this year.

Delaware Surplus Services sells vehicles, heavy equipment and miscellaneous items on line all year long. The State of Delaware reserves the right to reject any and all bids. The Auctions are typically held at one of the following locations:

Surplus Property has recently launched a new website that showcases current store inventory. We have also added an Auctions and Bids tab to list current online auctions and bids. The site can be found by clicking the link above and selecting the Auctions and Bids tab.

VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC is a nationally and locally recognized auction company with over 16 years of proven auction experience. We have conducted auctions in 17 states and ready to handle your Auction/Real Estate needs.

Before you sell your collector car with Gooding & Company, whether through a live auction, an online auction, or via a private treaty sale, you must sign an exclusive consignment agreement. The agreement contains our terms and fees for the auction and private sale consignment process.

If you need something specific, you'll probably find it on one of the best online auction sites. These are the places you go to shop for rare, hard to find items that may have sold out or been discontinued in regular shops. You'll also find items sold second-hand and used, which will save you money on whatever it is you need (baby clothes are hugely popular here), and you'll be able to sell all your unwanted goods here too. Online auction sites work both ways, and they can be very different experiences dependent on whether you're buying or selling.

So what are the best online auction sites? Well, most will be familiar with our top pick, which is eBay. That's the best place for very general shopping - you can usually find most mainstream stuff on there like tech, clothes, furniture, and other every day items. However, dig a little deeper into the online auction world and you'll start to find sites that cater nicely to specific niches or ways of buying.

Most online auction sites charge fees for sellers - usually listing charges and a percentage of the final sale price - although not all do, and some will structure their fees differently. There's usually no charge for buying from online auction sites, although some insist on you signing up to their service to access the listings.

We'd also issue a note of caution when using online auction sites - sellers are usually private, and you never really know the quality of an item before it shows up, so you need to prepare yourself for a different kind of shopping experience.

The biggest name in online auction sites, eBay, should generally be your first port of call for selling or buying online with other users. Simply put, with over 180 million registered users and growing, your products are much more likely to sell, and you're much more likely to find what you want here.

The site is incredibly straightforward to use, too, with options for listing items internationally, a comprehensive rating system, and plenty of payment methods available. A mixture of auction-style bidding and Buy It Now options means you can always choose what works best for you, with auctions tending to lead to better deals.

We browsed each online auction site and checked multiple different factors. That includes how easy they were to look through as a guest, along with how simple the sign-up process was and how quickly you could get started. We also searched for a mixture of common and unusual items to see the breadth of what each online auction site offered.

1. Compare prices: Sometimes, when you're buying new items on an online auction site, you can pay way more than the cost of the item at a regular retailer. This usually happens when the item is hard to find, like a PS5, but we regularly see listings asking for well above the MSRP for things that are readily available.

4. Ask questions: Most sellers on online auction sites are keen to get the best prices for their listings, so they'll usually happily answer any questions you may have. If a seller doesn't reply to questions, or is dismissive, that's a red flag and you should avoid that particular item listing.

An online auction (also electronic auction, e-auction, virtual auction, or eAuction) is an auction held over the internet and accessed by internet connected devices.[1][2][3] Similar to in-person auctions, online auctions come in a variety of types, with different bidding and selling rules.[4]

The e-commerce and online auction industry, measured by revenue, was $995.8 billion in 2023.[5] eCommerce sales for businesses have been steadily increasing for years, and with the migration of virtually all transactions to digital due to the COVID Pandemic, worldwide sales through ecommerce sales channels such as websites and online marketplaces increased overall in 2020.

There are two primary markets for online auctions: business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). B2C is forecast to have over a 1% annual growth rate, achieving a nearly 22% share of total global retail sales by 2024. B2B ecommerce gross merchandise value showed a similarly steady rate through 2019, as to mirror its retail B2C counterpart.[6]

Despite the benefits of online auctions, the anonymity of the internet, the large market, and the ease of access makes online auction fraud easier than in traditional auctions. The FTC categorizes online auction fraud reports with online shopping categories.[8]

Online auctions originated on web forums as early as 1979 on CompuServe and The Source, as well as through email and bulletin board systems.[9] Auctioneers and sellers would post notices describing items for sale, minimum bids, and closing times.[9] As the popularity of online auctions grew, websites dedicated to the practice began to appear in 1995 when two auction sites were founded.[10] The first online auction site was, founded by Jerry Kaplan in May 1995.[11] Onsale's business model had the company act as the seller.[10]

In September of 1995, eBay was founded by French-Iranian computer scientist Pierre Omidyar using a different approach to online auctions by facilitating person-to-person transactions. This was a popular choice with consumers, leading eBay to become the largest e-commerce site in the early 2000s.[10]

A core benefit of an online auction is the removal of the physical limitations of a traditional auction that requires attendees to be geographically located together which greatly reduces audience reach.[12]

Online auctions offer advantages to users that traditional auction formats do not offer such as the use of automated bids, using search engines to find items, and the ability for users to view items by categories. Along with these benefits, online auctions have greatly increased the variety of goods and services that can be bought and sold in an auction format. 041b061a72


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