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Anthony Brooks
Anthony Brooks

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Recently, while recovering an LCD screen from a phone with a serious crack in the bezel or frame, I ran into a question I did not know the answer to. If the bezel and frame were ground down, would the cracked LCD screen be able to be repaired?

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The answer is a firm yes. With just a little research and expertise, you can repair a cracked LCD screen. At least one LCD repair shop online states that they will be able to repair an LCD screen with a crack in the bezel or frame. When viewing the LCD repair options from a particular LCD repair shop, the repair information includes "Crack Repair", which reads "Insert the cracked LCD screen with liquid crystal material enclosed into the front bezel on the display panel and press the folded paper on the rear panel. Next, align the LCD screen with the front bezel attached to the display panel. Press the folded paper on the rear panel. Immediately press the folded paper onto the LCD screen with strong force. Remove the folded paper after 5 minutes. After the repair, the LCD will perform as it should.

We cant stress enough that most patients will experience some degree of sensitivity. This will be to some degree related to the severity of the crack. In many cases, with the appropriate follow-up treatment, you may not notice it.

To determine if this is the case, examine the crack to be sure that it has no movement or the smallest amount of movement, otherwise it could be a sign that it is widening. To minimize sensitivity, you will need to cover the crack with dental sealant which will help alleviate the pain. Even though the pain can get worse initially, over time, the dentin will heal. In many cases, dental pain will go away completely.


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