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Background: The acquisition of a new 320-row multidetector computed tomographyangiography (CTA) scanner at the Montreal Neurological Institute andHospital has provided higher quality imaging with less radiation exposureand shorter time of acquisition. However, its reliability has not been fullyproven in critical vascular lesions when it comes to replacing a moreinvasive examination such as cerebral angiography. We wished to validate theaccuracy of this equipment to investigate four common indications forpatients to undergo conventional digital subtraction angiography:subarachnoid hemorrhage, vasospasm, unusual intracerebral hemorrhage, andunruptured aneurysm. Methods: Radiological reports and relevant imaging from 82 consecutivesubjects who underwent a 320-row multidetector CTA followed by cerebralangiography from February 2010 to February 2014 were retrospectivelyanalysed. A total of 102 cerebrovascular anomalies were found. Reports fromboth imaging modalities were compared to determine the diagnostic accuracyof CTA. Results: The overall sensitivity and specificity of 320-row multidetector CTAfor detecting cerebrovascular abnormalities were, respectively, 97.60% and63.20%. Similar results were obtained for all four categories of clinicalindications. Conclusion: Results obtained from CTA were consistent with those obtained ondigital subtraction angiography regardless of the vascular pathology. To ourknowledge, this study is the first validating the accuracy of 320-row CTA indiagnosing critical cerebrovascular lesions.

Download Anomalies vasculaires pdf

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Chiller KG, Frieden IJ, Arbiser JL. Molecular pathogenesis of vascular anomalies: classification into three categories based upon clinical and biochemical characteristics. Lymphat Res Biol. 2003;1:267-81. 041b061a72


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