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What Matching Rings should you purchase for your wedding proposal?

You've decided to give an engagement ring to the person with whom you have shared the most memorable moments of your life. The bond you share with your partner should be recognized with a unique ring that has unique features.

Deciding on the right option however, can become a real struggle. There are numerous options that are available, however not all of them offer authentic experiences.

Silver and gold are among the most frequently used precious materials to create engagement rings. Diamonds add a distinctive touch to the ring that you decide to gift your loved one.

In fact, nothing is equal to the brilliance of the diamond ring. It has a profound meaning that will last forever. It is a sign of strength, purity and unwavering love. It is the ideal choice for the person who you would like to share your life with.

Engagement rings: an original declaration of love

If you're looking to go outside the box we recommend choosing Matching Necklaces with special designs. Here are 3 perfect models that will surely entice all eyes:

The heart-shaped solitaire diamond rings are simple and impress by its delicate finish. The diamond's edgy shape will give your marriage proposal a personal and intimate feel.

Ring made of rubies and diamonds. Being one of the most sophisticated precious stones rubies add a touch of elegance and refinement to the jewels. Many consider it to be a symbol of love in a way, a gushing power and enduring love. Additionally, it looks fantastic when worn with diamonds and colors any outfit in a unique manner.

- Ring made of sapphires and diamonds: A ring that will surely bring back the intense love story of Jack and Rose the main characters in the film Titanic. The outcome will be different: you'll be happy, with many smiles and positive thoughts.

What should you know before buying a diamond ring

You can simplify your search by taking into consideration the following:

- Analyze the offers available on the market. Prior to making a purchase, it is recommended to research your options ahead of time. Set a budget, and only select options that are of high-quality. A diamond ring will increase in value with time.

Pay attention to the details If you want to impress your girlfriend. Take her shopping and find out what size is suitable for her. You can also choose the size of a ring she already wears. Scermino Gioielli allows you alter the size of a ring that does not fit.

- Trust your emotions When you are choosing your engagement ring you should follow your heart. Don't try to find the most stunning engagement ring instead, choose the one that best reflects the affection you share. The staff at Scermino Gioielli can be reached for assistance if necessary. All questions can be addressed by industry experts. The experience of a specialist can assist you in determining the right jewellery right from the beginning.

How to customize a ring with diamonds?

A diamond ring carries many stories. But, you must select a diamond ring that best suits your girlfriend's personality. Choose jewelry stores which allow you to change jewelry based on color, shape and purity, such as Scermino Gioielli.

Diamonds of exceptional quality offer outstanding clarity and meticulously designed designs, so that the light is reflected in a perfect manner. Be aware of the design and the technical specifications. There are a variety of options to consider:

Minimalist: If you're girlfriend is someone who appreciates simplicity and good taste If you are looking for a minimalist option, then think about alternatives that feature only the diamond in the center. Classic styles will never go out of fashion. You can also add a touch of originality by combining engravings and data or text that represent you. The result will certainly exceed your expectations.

Bohemian If your future wife is romantic and loves fantasizing about her day, you might consider an ring with precious diamonds and stones. Emerald, sapphire, amethyst and ruby are among the most highly recommended choices, primarily due to the combination of emotions they bring.

Extravagant - If your loved one likes to be the center and attract attention to her, choose an ring that is unique. Pick geometric shapes that are abstract or unique designs.


It's not easy to select the perfect engagement ring. It is an extremely crucial process, which is the reason it is imperative to focus on the original ring.

Diamond jewelry is the perfect accessory to any outfit. But, it is important to customize it to create unforgettable experiences.

Find reputable jewelry makers and present your bride with a unique wedding proposal!


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