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Buy And Sell Lps

"Whenever people come to the auction house with vinyl to sell, they usually have their Beatles records at the front of the collection, but what most people forget is that those four guys sold quite a few records! So whilst there will always be some value in original Beatles records, it is pretty unlikely that you are going to have a genuine rarity.

buy and sell lps

Alltel was bragging that its Jacksonville-based mortgage processing business was handling nearly half of all mortgage loans by 2003 when it agreed to sell the business to title insurer Fidelity National Financial Inc., which was looking to expand into more real estate-related services. After that deal, Fidelity decided to move its corporate headquarters from Santa Barbara, Calif., to the Riverside Avenue site in Jacksonville where CPI had settled decades earlier.

I have over 300 vinyl LPs to sell (1950-1980), as well as a ton of 45s, and a few hundred ancient 78s. I've noted on a lot of other venues with record sales (Amazon, for example), that 1-2 minute clips or samples from the actual record can be previewed (listened to) before making a purchase.

Selling LPs is very time consuming. I tried selling an old family trove, mostly promos in mint condition. They sell very slowly, unless you got a Beatles butcher album cover. Best chances are if you have some of the regional labels from the 50s and early 60s, akin to the Northern soul movement in the UK. You need pics of album cover (both sides), the LP, the LP label, and the sleeve. Then you need to buy cardboard LP mailers. Of the those I sold, most sold for only $9.99, and that included the shipping. Not much net profit for way too much effort. If you are in the vinyl business, and not just someone with a few hundred LPs to sell and be done, then an Ebay store might be a good investment to prevent listing fees from killing you as, again, they are slow sellers.

Make sure you price what other sellers have the same records listed for. Condition of both record and sleeve and catalog # matter a lot. I gave up on selling all of my records on ebay a long time ago because its not cost effective to list all 1500 here. Too many fees. Not enough profit.

3 years ago ebay and the buying landscape was a different place. 3 years ago I sold $10,000 in perfume on ebay. Then the manufacturers realized they were imbeciles not to be selling online and undercut every perfume seller to the point of creating VERO to attack small sellers selling the same items they do. Using copyright laws as an excuse. Today any bottle of perfume you try to sell the price is undercut heavily to the point where its no longer profitable even for larger sellers and anyone selling anything even a purse or shoes with a designer brand name risks being blocked from selling on ebay.

If, at some point in the future, you turn out to be correct and I discover that my 78s only sell for $1 each, then I will be back to post you a public apology; or maybe I might just try a different approach to selling them! 041b061a72


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