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Should I Buy Platinum

Of course, both metals look different as well. Gold naturally has a yellow hue, whereas platinum tends to be silver and shiny. White gold is not naturally that color; instead, it is alloyed with something like silver or nickel and often coated in rhodium for a shinier finish (photo below, left). This finish needs replenishing every few years, but it is easy to do and often free at a good jeweler.

should i buy platinum

Platinum alloys are generally denser than gold alloys and thus tend to be more durable. However once gold gets to 14K, it tends to be harder than platinum and less easy to scratch. This means that platinum is preferred for intricate rings, like engagement rings that hold a stone, as its strength keeps the stone safe. However, gold is a better choice if you are worried about scratching your ring.

You may also wish to consider that there is much more labor involved in resizing a platinum ring, meaning you might spend more down the line if you wish to resize once you outgrow your wedding band. Resizing a platinum band costs between $100 and $300, while for a gold band you will be looking at $20 to $50.

Metals like gold, platinum, palladium, and others are also being increasingly used in electronics, healthcare, and automobiles. The inclusion of other precious metals into the market has created opportunities for investors to choose from. One such powerful alternative to gold is platinum. But is it precious enough to replace gold as the ultimate precious metal king?

Apart from their interchangeability, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of both these metals as the supply of gold is almost 20 times higher than platinum. This makes gold an obvious choice when the metal is needed in high quantity.

All these differences aside, both these metals can provide protection against inflation, and against market volatility. We can say that both gold and platinum are safe-haven investment and asset options.

After taking into consideration the above-mentioned points, is it pertinent to mention that personal preference can also play an important role in choosing between these two metals. A gold enthusiast may see all other precious metals less attractive. On the other hand, platinum lovers can see platinum as a symbol of change and innovation.

Gold or platinum, cannot be better than the other. Markets show volatility all the time due to countless global reasons. Having all your eggs in one basket can damage your financial standing. Not only metals, the same is true for other investment options.

The modern market is not only affected by wars or natural calamities. The supply and demand in one sector can cause a great impact on the whole market. This is why choosing both gold and platinum along with other precious metals can bring you peace of mind and greater returns.

Most white gold rings are finished with a plating of rhodium which is a hard, very bright metal from the platinum family that gives a brilliant mirror finish. As this is a thin coating it will wear with use. How long the plating lasts depends on how the ring is worn and what the wearer does. When a ring is worn regularly the first signs of wear can appear within a few months; this is typically at the highest wear point of the ring at the back of the shank so is less noticeable and it usually takes longer before it affects the more visible areas. Chemicals such as cleaning solutions and alcohol rubs can damage rhodium plating and significantly shorten the life of the finish. Other jewellery items will usually show less wear to the plating than rings do.

A comparatively new metal to jewellery, Palladium is naturally white and a member of the platinum family. Its resistance to wear is similar to that of platinum and it is usually alloyed to the same 95% standard. A 50% alloy is also available which offers a more affordable alternative.

Ideally an item of palladium jewellery should be made as a single piece, as soldering palladium can create porosity in the joins. For this reason it is most popular for wedding bands but an increasing range of engagement ring designs can be made in palladium; our jewellers can advise which designs are best suited.

Palladium is less dense than platinum so the same ring will weigh approximately half as much in palladium as platinum. Some will enjoy the feeling of weight with platinum whilst other will prefer the lighter comfort of palladium.

Platinum and palladium are both members of the platinum group of metals. Their prices tend to move in tandem, and they have many of the same uses in industry. However, investors often have trouble deciding if they should invest in platinum or invest in palladium, and this article should help make the choice clearer. Deciding to buy platinum or palladium depends on your risk tolerance and your economic outlook. Platinum and palladium are sophisticated precious metals investments that require you, the investor, to make informed calculations about where you think the economy is going. Right now, palladium looks like the better investment. What Moves the Prices of Platinum and Palladium?The spot prices of platinum and palladium are determined by three main factors: the automobile industry, jewelry demand, and investment demand. These factors will determine prices of the two metals. Both platinum and palladium benefit from a strong automotive industry because they are used to make catalytic converters in cars. This means that when car sales are up, the prices for both metals tend to follow. However, palladium is more reliant on its industrial use than platinum is, and that is because platinum is popular in jewelry. Jewelry demand is something that can greatly benefit platinum prices but may not have much of an effect on palladium prices. Palladium is - for the most part- an industrial metal. And while it is sometimes used in Jewelry, platinum is more suited for decorative use because of its greater durability and density.Should You Buy Platinum or Palladium?Theoretically, the key factor that should guide your decision to either buy platinum or palladium is your risk tolerance. The spot price of palladium is significantly more volatile than the spot price of platinum, and this means palladium can be expected outperform platinum in bull markets but should be expected to underperform in bear markets. Here is a chart that compares the performance of platinum and palladium over the last six months - as of Mary 2017. The metals are represented by the ETFS Physical Palladium/Platinum ETFs.

Platinum is 30x rarer than gold. All the platinum ever produced would only cover your ankles in one Olympic sized swimming pool. All the gold ever produced would fill three Olympic sized swimming pools. Twice as much steel is poured in the United States in only one day than the total world's platinum production in one year.

A prevalent oversight when buying platinum is that people only look at the price factor. When it comes to platinum, like everything else you buy, deals that might seem too good to be true usually are. If you are buying platinum online, check with reputable vendors who deal in precious metals. And of course please check us out at

Buying platinum has become a relatively straightforward process with several online options available. But we suggest APMEX and of course Both websites give you a lot of options to choose from, including weight, quantity, and price. The final price of the order depends on the amount you buy, with some websites offering discounts for larger quantities.

Platinum in all its forms holds monetary value, but some types are better for investment purposes. If you are purely after platinum for its investment value, then platinum bars are what you should buy. Platinum coins come at a premium due to their workmanship and historical significance.

But at OneGold we think the best investment is in a vaulted form until you are ready to take full physical possession. OneGold offers many ways to purchase platinum, gold or silver. You can dollar cost average into a position via AutoInvest, or you can connect your bank account, and quickly make up to 100k purchases per day.

On the Certification Request sheet, please fill out every field. If you have any questions about what information is required for the field, you can refer to either the Glossary sheet or the hover box that appears when the header field is selected. Please select the highest Certification Status Level that you are requesting (Gold, Platinum, or Multi-Platinum) as well as listing the Requested Level (0.5 for Gold/Oro, 1 for Platinum/Platino, 2 or higher for the requested level of Multi-Platinum/Multi-Platino). Please note, when calculating the Requested Level for a Latin certification, the Latin thresholds are different/lower, and can be found at or on the Glossary sheet of the request template.

If you are unsure of if your title has been certified before, you can check the database. Please note, any certifications your label has asked to embargo will not appear on the website until the label contact requests them to be included. If you would like your certification to remain hidden from our website upon completion of audit, please select YES in the Hidden column.

Like all vehicle warranties, the VSA from Toyota should not be confused with a prepaid maintenance contract. Toyota offers that product separately, and it is called Toyota Care, or Toyota Extra Care. So, a Toyota VSA plan, even Platinum, does not cover the cost to replace your timing belt or water pump. Nor would it cover the cost of a routine oil change. Those are maintenance items you pay for. A Toyota VSA also does not cover wear items like tires, wiper blades, batteries, and glass. Things that wear out in normal use are not covered.

Legislation enacted in 2001 allows the treasury to mint platinum coins of any value without congressional approval. Under that law, the coin's value could be anything, but it would have to be platinum, not gold or silver, nickel, bronze or copper, which are under Congress' control. 041b061a72


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