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Vmware For Mac Os X Leopard

does anyone know if i will have to reinstall vm ware after upgrading to leopard ?im running a pretty new macbook with vm ware and auto cad installed. I,m hoping i dont have to reinstall auto cad.anybody know about boot camp. same thing ?

Vmware For Mac Os X Leopard


Fusion seemed to be working fine for my XP VM after I installed Snow Leopard last night. However, this morning when I booted it up I keep getting Core Graphics errors:9/1/09 10:28:14 AM[0x0-0x1c01c].com.vmware.fusion[198]Tue Sep 1 10:28:14 vmware[198] : CGContextScaleCTM: invalid context 0x09/1/09 10:28:14 AM[0x0-0x1c01c].com.vmware.fusion[198]Tue Sep 1 10:28:14 vmware[198] : CGBitmapContextCreate: unsupported parameter combination: 8 integer bits/component; 32 bits/pixel; 3-component color space; kCGImageAlphaFirst; 512 bytes/row.My mouse also does not work in the VM window now; it keeps displaying the gloved-hand mouse icon and does not switch to the VM internal icon when I click the window.

Snow leopard seems to have problems in 32 bit kernel with many of the programs closing unexpectedly. Fusion seems to close sometimes when I am changing vm settings.The only way I can work with out problems is with the 64 bit kernel but I cannot use Fusion 2.0.5. Is there anyway to get Fusion to work with the 64 bit kernel.Currently I am having to remote into test computers in order to test Windows 7 with our site licensed software.

PLZ HELP!i got fusion 2.05 and i put on snow leopard and now its reallly slow!!!! its not the computer its something else, maybe its that my xp is like a 16bit or something im not sure?!Also how do you make a fusion shared accros mac accounts??plz help->>>>

Also I am not sure your image cdr will mount, some changes were made in 7.1.1 which stopped dmg and other images from being mounted, so you need to use the original DVD or ISO image created from it, ImgBurn will do a good job of this. I have had a look at your vmware log file and the CPUID mask is working fine, so the problem is elsewhere.

Thanks MSOK, have recreated the vmk and amended the lines you specified. Now I can get to the shell prompt but cant change the removable device to the OSX retail cd in vmware. The option is greyed out. Also, I have set the removable CD/DVD to be SCSI and not IDE after receiving an EFI error. How do I enable the CD given its greyed out?

Right click SnowLeopard in list of virtual machines > Show in Finder > right click SnowLeopard.vmwarevm > Show Package Contents > add the following line to SnowLeopard.vmx (to mask the CPU since new CPUs are not supported by versions prior to 10.6.7): cpuid.1.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0001:0000:0110:1010:0101"

Hi Andre,Can you explain which JDK do you mean ?I try to install using leopard's own JDK 6 and failed.Try to get it from SUN and no JDK for mac available there.ThanksDragz

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As I also have Tiger installed on another partition, I tried this hint with Tiger, by creating, from within Leopard, an OS X Server 64-bit raw partition virtual machine with the help of the vmware-rawdiskCreator command-line program (instructions available on the web): indeed, it works, but the VMware Tools don't seem to be Tiger-compatible, as they crash every time (and so I subsequently uninstalled them); thus, sadly, the Tiger VMs screen resolution is also limited at 1024x768, making it much less attractive than a VM with the Tools installed and working.Anyway, if Apple doesn't change their licensing terms, all this of course is at most only of academic interest and of little practical use.It would be great if Apple permitted virtualisation also of Mac OS X Client (both Leopard and Tiger, and possibly with VMware Tools for both): it would indeed be a good thing to avoid having to reboot to run Tiger-only legacy apps (see, for example, Photoshop 7, etc.).Why not, Apple...? ;-) :-)

The blog above - -mac-os-x-leopard-client.html - now recommends this for VMware Fusion 3: "Fusion 3.0 uses EFI instead of BIOS by default. After creating a new VM and before booting it from the install DVD/ISO, edit the *.vmx file and remove/comment out the firmware="efi" line. VMware [Fusion] will then use the hacked boot image from darwin.iso."Some of the latest comments in that blog (the Fusion 3-related ones) are also interesting.So, essentially, in order to virtualize Mac OS X Client in Fusion 3, be sure to change the virtual firmware to BIOS instead of the default EFI (if you create a new VM in Fusion 3; existing VMs created from Fusion 2 should continue to work without problems)...

VMware (NYSE: VMW) je světovým lídrem v oblasti virtualizačních řešení od desktopů až po datová centra. Zákazníci všech velikostí spoléhají na společnost VMware při redukci kapitálových a operativních výloh, zajišťují díky ní nepřetržitý provoz svého businessu, posilují bezpečnost a zároveň snižují spotřebu elektrické energie. S tržbami VMware ve výši 1,3 miliardy USD v roce 2007 mělo co do činění více než 120 000 zákazníků a téměř 18 000 obchodních partnerů. VMware je jednou z nejrychleji se rozvíjejících softwarových společností na světě. Vedení VMware sídlí v Palo Alto, Kalifornie. Majoritním vlastníkem je společnost EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), webové sídlo naleznete na .

to build connector/odbc 5.1 on mac os x leopard, the first thing you will need is xcode. then you will want to install a recent version of mysql (5.0 or 5.1, or even 6.0 if you are feeling adventurous).


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