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Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings Na Stiahnut... UPD

AoE2 is set in the Middle Ages and was released with thirteen playable civilizations and focuses on building towns, gathering resources, and creating armies to defeat opponents. Players conquer rival towns and empires as they advance one of civilizations through "Ages": the Dark Age, the Feudal Age, the Castle Age, and the Imperial Age. Advancing to a new Age unlocks new units, structures, and technologies.

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings na stiahnut...

Reakcia verejnosti na Age of Empires bola vo všeobecnosti priaznivá aj napriek niektorým negatívnym recenziám. GameSpot kritizoval zmätený dizajn, Computer and Video Games ocenil aj aspekt multi-player hry.[16] Hra získala ocenenie akadémie Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences "Najlepšia počítačová stretégia" roka 1998.[17] Aj ďalšie roky ostala hra populárna, do roku 2000 bolo predaných 3 milióny kópii.[18] The Rise of Rome nebola tak populárna, v roku 2000 bolo predaných milión kusov[18] a zo súhrnu recenzií Game Rankings získala len 80%.[19]

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Age of Dynasties is similar to Age of Empires vibes as players will have to build their empires and make strategic decisions to wage wars. Players can also be a part of many historical events in this medieval strategy game. 041b061a72


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