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How Much For Mac Makeover

In comparison to the complimentary sessions, the full-service makeovers, as noted in the table above, can last much longer and will be more defined since the artist focuses on providing the client with a look they requested rather than trying to sell some of the products inside of the store. This session will be done in a private area and you do not have to worry about the sylist walking away at any time as he or she will be dedicated to your session until they finish. While the company does offer service makeovers to walk-in clients, the company often advises you call in ahead of time to schedule an appointment.

How Much For Mac Makeover


When it comes to makeup counters, I've always considered MAC to be number one. The professional-worthy formulas and strong shade selection mean it's usually my first port of call, so naturally I had high hopes for this makeover, and thankfully it totally surpassed them.

More than 'just a makeover', MAC believe in educating their customers, so when you leave the counter, you do so with the confidence and knowledge to wear their products (and wear them well). They have a whole menu of makeup services from a 'focus feature lesson' to a 'bridal makeover'

Chanel wowed me with this look... Yes, it's a little more makeup than I'd normally wear, but out of all the appointments I left feeling so confident. This is the kind of look I'd want to wear for a night out, a date, a work dinner... I'd pretty much wear it for any evening occasion.

The highlight of the appointment was finding out that the beauty boutique also offers manicure services, so before my makeover I treated myself to a shape and polish with Chanel's classic Rouge Noir nail colour.

The standout of the makeover though? It had to be the shimmery smoky eye. Using a blend of rose and grey shadows from the Couture Variation Eye Palette in Paris, my makeup artist crafted a beautiful sculpted eye. He then finished the look with a lottt of mascara - because, the lashier the better, right? (I vote yes).

To me, this makeover was sophisticated and kinda sexy (yes, I know that's a cringe way to describe it, but you know what I mean...) The glossy lip, dark shimmery eyes, and dewy skin made for the ultimate dinner date look.

Yes, I'll be honest, it's a lot more makeup than I'd normally wear, but I'm all for experimenting. Plus, this makeover taught me that there's no reason to fear a heavier approach - especially if it's done by an artist as talented as the Urban Decay team ? .

At first glance you may not notice but the attention to detail with this makeover really impressed me. My makeup artist opted for a navy gel eyeliner to mirror the blue in my eyes, a dusting of brightening lilac shadow across my lids, and a touch of glitter in the centre of my eyes to enhance the iris. Each product was selected carefully, and applied with precision and thought. Yes, it's colourful makeup, but also totally wearable, and not even slightly scary (even for the colour-shy).

I'm a bit of a Bare Minerals-newbie, I've tried a couple of the products in the past but this makeover gave me the the chance to get to know more about the brand and I was pleasantly surprised. The makeup comes in an awesome range of shades and I found the quality of the products used to be ??. The brand are all about good-for-your-skin makeup and it was cool to see how they embraced a 'glam' approach to makeup, whilst still keeping my look natural(ish) and sophisticated.

If you're a fan of nude lip colours, Bare Mineral is the place to be, because they've just launched forty (yes, 4-0) new nude lip colours and every single one is BEAUT. My makeup artist opted for the Matte Liquid Lip Colour in Cookie, a pinkish-nude that suited the paired-back makeover, perfectly.

When I asked my makeup artist what the most-requested makeover look was? She said, hands down, the classic smoky eye + nude lip. So, in order to stay true to the Benefit girl, that's what she did to my face.

When it comes to a CT makeover you can pick from a selection of Charlotte's signature makeup looks, including the 'golden goddess' and the 'rock chick'. Once you've decided, one of her on-counter artist's will expertly apply it.

From start to finish, having a makeover at Charlotte Tilbury is incredibly luxurious. Everything from the velvet-lined makeup chairs, to the ostrich feather displays, and complimentary champagne. It's amazingly decadent.

Thank you so much Lisa!? Mac does have some natural, vegan products. You can ask about any of their products at a store & they will be able to tell you whether or not it is. If ordering online, they have a live chat feature that can assist. ??

You are amazing! I know how much work goes into this research and sorting through all the misinformation that is out there. Its so great that you are working to spread awareness and sharing your findings. Crueltyfreekitty is one of my main go-to sites that I trust when Im making purchasing decisions. Thanks for all you do!

Thank you so much for sharing the information. I had no idea that Avon still tests on animals. And I was about to buy a Burberry fragrance. I will write down all these brands and keep the list in my bag and on my desk.

Great, thanks so much for sharing! I love Sugarpill shadows too. As for the vegan mascara, I would recommend the Pacifica Dream Big Mascara and the Tarte Limited-Edition Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara (the regular one is not vegan but the limited edition one with the crazy iridescent packaging is vegan)!

There are two makeover options for you to choose at Sephora. One is a 15-minute complimentary session where their Beauty Advisor will help with one single feature application of your choice. Walk-ins are welcome as no booking is required. Another option is a 45-minute full-face makeover by one of their Beauty Studio Artists. It is priced at RM250, but fully redeemable with products purchase. Booking is required.

Have their best-selling Naked eyeshadow palettes on your eyes, with the help of their experts of course. Urban Decay gives complimentary full-face makeovers with any purchase of their products but everything must be totaled to at least RM300. Walk-ins available, but booking is always preferred.

Trust Make Up For Ever to get your face to be spotless and HD with their products. Here you get to choose between purchasing RM350 worth of products from the brand to get a full face makeover, or pay RM150 for their service. Booking is required, at least 3 days in advance.

Be treated to half a day of pampering with a 20 off voucher and complimentary image with this MAC Makeover and Photoshoot Experience for Two!Treat yourself and a friend to some well-deserved pampering while spending some quality time together and capture the spirit of you both in a collection of stunning images, you can treasure for a lifetime.Your five star experience will start with a glass of bubbly on arrival and then you enjoy unlimited refreshments. During this experience you'll both receive a manicure, express facial, a makeover and hairstyling from professionals. The make-up artist will use products from the famous MAC, along with other popular makeup brands and strip eyelash extensions . You'll be able to discover the latest techniques and learn the beauty secrets of the stars so you can achieve your flawless look.

This look was definitely a lot more neutral than I'm used to - and one that would work very well for pretty much everyone. And while I loved how glowy the base looked and how much coverage it gave me, it definitely did leave me feeling that I would need to bring my compact powder with me to get rid of any of the (inevitable) shininess.

My lovely makeup artist Anna went in with a foundation she felt matched the finish I was after (medium to full coverage, dewy but not shiny and LONG lasting). However, quickly realising the colour was too yellow, we took it off and started again with another foundation that suited the neutral undertones of my skin much better.

Seeing as there was no foundation or base used in this look, I was shocked at how party-ready I felt. This was a huge departure from what I'm used to. I'm usually guilty of putting so much eyeliner and mascara on that I end up weighing the eyes down and having to start again.


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