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Buy Istanbul Cymbals Uk

Here at Graham Russell Drums we have the largest cymbal showroom anywhere in the UK. You can feel confident when you purchase your cymbals whilst being aided by the excellent advice from our team of experts.

buy istanbul cymbals uk

Istanbul in Turkey has long held the title of capital of the cymbal making world with the tradition of hand making cymbals dating back to the 16th Century there. Formed by Agop Tomurcuk around 1978 after the original K factory where he was foreman closed down, Istanbul Agop helped keep alive the art of hand made cymbals when the efficiency of mechanised production lines had all but replaced it. Istanbul Agop Cymbals embrace the ancient traditions of Turkish, hand-hammered cymbals but take a progressive approach toward sound, design and manufacturing.

The Traditional Range of Istanbul Agop cymbals are arguably some of the finest cymbals we have in store. Oozing with class and sophistication each cymbal is a work of art. You'll even find it hand signed by the artisan that created it.

Ironically one of their most popular ranges is one of Istanbul Agop's machine finished cymbal ranges. Istanbul Agop Xist offer a chance for drummers to have a shot of this sought after brand without having to commit to the expense of hand made cymbals. We couldn't recommend them higher. At their price range they really are unrivalled and sound like they should cost a lot more than they do. This is largely to do with the fact that they still use a B20 Bronze the same as high end cymbals. Istanbul do offer a cheaper range of B8 cymbals for beginners called Istanbul Art.

To mark 30 years in business Istanbul Agop released the Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary cymbals which feature extremely rare hand sculpted bells. The eye catching Custom Series of cymbals offer drummers something a little bit drier with great stick definition.

Despite being a relatively new name on the cymbal making block (compared to some of the bigger turkish companies) Istanbul Agop have some pretty big hitting endorsers, including Cindy Blackman of Santana who has not one but two signature ranges with Istanbul. The Om and The Mantra ranges. The Mel Lewis range is unique, in that rather than designing a new cymbal range, these cymbals are a recreation of the ones he used throughout his career. Other signature ranges are available from Joey Waronker, and Idris Muhammed, Sterling and Lenny White's Epoch. There's even an Agop signature range by the cymbal smith who started the entire company.

The Istanbul Agop Signature Clap Stack is a uniquely shaped and tempered trio of cymbals designed to create a tactile, acoustic reproduction of analogue 8 bit handclap samples that have been an integral part of music for generations. Decay on the Clap Stack can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the cymbal felts and wing nuts until the desired note-length is achieved.

We feel the Lenny White Epoch Crash cymbals are pretty close to the UFIP Natural Series cymbals, containing a similar darkness and overtone, but without the flat profile. If you are interested in selecting any of the Agop Signature cymbals by weight, please see our hand-picked service page to check availability or call us on 0151 227 3271 to discuss your preferred weights.

From pre-configured hi-hat/crash/ride cymbal packs designed to help beginner drummers get on the ladder, to hand-crafted, complex-sounding individual metals using the finest alloys, there has never been a better choice of cymbal companies, cymbals types and sounds available.

Newcomers to drumming can be caught unawares when they budget for their first kit, not realising that drum manufacturers don't make cymbals and that the cheap brass cymbals thrown in with their starter kit are hideous duffers. Cheap cymbals just sound nasty. The SBR range covers the popular sizes a beginner is most likely to need. The medium weight and classic profile, along with the Sabian logo, give the cymbals authenticity. And they look the part with their deep, large-peen hammering and pinpoint lathing. This is the same hand-guided, high-pressure hammering and hand lathing that Sabian lavishes on its expensive bronze cymbals. Beneath their initial thin attack there is some real meat and tone. Brass cymbals will never sound as complex as proper bronze cymbals, but these are well worth upgrading to from the cymbals thrown in with your starter kit.

Stagg cymbals from China have been with us since 2001, offering B20 bronze hand-hammered cymbals at shockingly attractive prices. The Single Hammered SH line-up is the cheapest in the range. Cymbals have uniform shallow hand-lathing top and bottom and extremely light hammering, almost unnoticeable. What the lack of extensive hammering does mean is they are a little short on projection when compared with more heavily-worked cymbals, but overall they have universally clean tones. The only thing stopping them being top class cymbals is a slight foreshortening of sustain and shallowness of timbre which the extra working of expensive cymbals bestows. It's most noticeable by the time you get to the larger 16" and 18" crashes, but at these prices it's unfair to be too sniffy. The SH may be Stagg's cheapest series, but for such budget cymbals they are unusually refined in tone. B20 bronze, hand-hammered cymbals at knock-down prices.

Dream produce professional quality cymbals in the ancient Chinese cymbal-making region around Wuhan city. Dream's Contact series lies somewhere between the slightly darker, trashier Bliss series and the rockier Energy series. The Contact series is, unusually, made from B23: 23 percent tin content and 77 percent copper. With such a high tin content the result is a lovely silvery-gold colouring and a slightly brighter stick response. The cymbals have a satin finish with Chinese-style graphics, and surfaces are lightly dimpled with barely discernible hammering, close-lathed top and bottom. If you're into heavy metal, you should maybe look away now - these cymbals won't deliver a face melting. The vibe is softer and mellower: a hint of China trashiness, a spicy tang and bell-like clarity. They need coaxing, not slaying. But while they're not clangers, they can certainly be played hard. Each cymbal will sound slightly different, so you need to choose with care.

Featuring splashes, crashes, chinas, hi-hats and rides, PST8s contain a fair few attributes from higher-spec Paiste ranges - chief among these is the CuSn8 bronze that the cymbals are made from. CuSn8 is Paiste's own blend of B8 and is also known as 2002 bronze after the legendary Paiste range that it was formulated for. Most of the diameters of cymbal are available in two weights - Medium and Rock. As well as being heavier, the Rock models also have larger bells, a slightly flatter profile and have been on the end of a few more hammer blows. Crashes open with a clean, silky blast of B8 that slides across the mix. Three pairs of 14" hi-hats are available - Medium, Rock and Sound Edge, and ride cymbals come in 20" (Medium & Rock) and 22" (Rock only) sizes. The 20" Medium gives a bright stick sound that generates a sympathetic accompaniment of wash. In comparison the heavier 20" Rock has a toppier, more lively feel, while the 22" Rock ride has a deeper voice and bigger presence.

The Istanbul Agop Xist Power Cymbal Set consists of four cymbals, including a free 18'' Power crash cymbal and a protective hardcase. By combining modern production techniques with traditional cymbal making processes, Istanbul cymbals are able to offer professional, cast B20 (80 Copper, 20 Tin) cymbals at a price that is accessible to drummers at any level. Hi-Hats are crisp, focused with tight sticking and medium weight, crashes have a papery attack and a medium decay whilst rides deliver a definitive ping with a balance and musical spread.

One of the largest selection of 2nd Hand cymbals in the UK. Our vintage drum kit selection is not to be sniffed at either - we are bursting at the seams. Our guitar department regularly buy in used equipment too!

Usually factories only sell in quantity, wholesale to the stores. However they may make an exception for you. The prices of cymbals in the stores here in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-25769646', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');Istanbul would be definitely less than the US prices.

There was not a significant discount at the factory (that we were able to get, anyway). It was like getting a good deal in the US. It's sort of like any market that sees a lot of tourists. Seems like the best cymbals are shipped to the US right away, so you will get a better selection in the US. You might find one you like at the manufacturer, though, and it will probably be reasonably priced. The cymbals in the music stores weren't good for jazz, so we didn't look at prices closely there.

The art of Turkish cymbal making dates back to the 16th century, the time of the Ottoman Empire. The very first cymbals manufactured in Turkey were actually bells, created for the use in churches. Later on, as the story goes, cymbals were produced for the Ottoman military band. In the 20th century, it had become well known that Istanbul had evolved into the cymbal-making capital of the world. Generations of master cymbalsmiths developed, refined, and redefined this art in their endless search for perfection. They formulated the most musical alloy and developed and tested hand-crafting methods which had been used for centuries.

Drum Honey gel dampeners reduce overtones and sustain on any drum size, type or head material. When you need to revert back to more resonance, Drum Honey peels off your heads AND cymbals as easily as you put it on.

Based on a popular design that imitates an electronic clap sound, the cymbals feature a vented DRK Thunder-style cymbal on top for a bit more trashiness and a BRT middle cymbal for a slightly higher pitch and more projection. 041b061a72


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