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Guide to Euro Live Betting and Tips for Big Wins

Alongside familiar betting types, live betting has become an increasingly attractive option, drawing a large number of players. The special feature of this type of bet is the extremely high payout ratio. However, for many, this bet type is still quite new and they might not know how to participate. If that’s the case, follow this guide on Euro live betting.

Introduction to Euro Live Betting

Before diving into the guide on Euro live betting, it’s important to understand what live betting is. Unlike other bet types that are set up in advance and usually involve pre-match or early-match betting, live bets are offered by the bookmaker website during the match, allowing players to place bets at any moment.

Because of this, players don’t have much time to research and predict when participating. However, the chances of winning and the payout ratio for live betting are quite high. Additionally, it provides a more thrilling experience, which is why more players are participating.

Simple Guide to Reading Live Bets for New Players

Reading live bets can be somewhat different from other types of bets, so it’s essential to know how to read them to participate effectively.

A live betting board typically contains comprehensive information about the match such as the time it’s taking place, the names of the two teams, and the league. Information about the bet includes the handicap amount, the type of bet, and whether it’s for a half or the full match. It also shows the accurate odds, deep handicaps, and shallow handicaps. The odds rate is displayed on the right next to the bet rate.

Additionally, live bets are not concerned with the current state of the match or the current score. The focus is only on the time when the live bet is offered.

For example, if a match is at 0-1 favoring the underdog with a handicap of 1.5, and the top team scores 2 goals, you win if you bet on the top team, rather than needing 3 goals as in pre-match betting.

When betting on the Over/Under, if you choose the Over and 2 more goals are scored, you win. If you choose the Under, both teams can only score 1 more goal for you to win. This calculation method applies to live bets in side bets like corner kicks and penalties as well.

Simple Steps to Bet on Euro Live Bets

Once you understand the basics of reading Euro live bets, follow these steps to participate and win big:

  1. Choose a free bookmaker bet.

  2. Register or log in to your account.

  3. Select the match with live bets you want to participate in.

  4. Choose the desired odds rate.

  5. Make your prediction and place your bet.

  6. The bookmaker will confirm your bet placement.

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Betting on live bets in Euro matches is quite simple, making it easy for players to participate. However, when betting, make sure to confirm the correct odds, bet, and stake before completing your bet.

Tips for Winning Big on Euro Live Bets

Knowing how to place Euro live bets is not enough; you also need tips and experience.

Choose a Reputable Bookmaker for Live Bets

Each bookmaker offers different odds for live bets. Therefore, besides ensuring the bookmaker is reputable, you should research the payout rates.

One unique aspect of live bets is that the bookmaker may decline your bet. Hence, when participating in live betting, understand the betting rules and terms to avoid unfortunate situations.

The number one bookmaker W88 is a trusted and popular choice. They offer a variety of matches, live bets, high payout rates, and a simple betting process, ensuring a great experience and significant rewards.

Choose the Right Timing for Live Bets

Not all matches or bookmakers offer live bets, and the timing can be unexpected. Once you decide to join live betting, avoid overthinking.

If you spot a favorable bet with high winning potential, place your bet immediately. Many players lose out because they hesitated too long and had their live bet declined.

Experienced players have shared some tips for easier wins:

  • For Over/Under live bets, choose the Over at the start of the first half or second half, or near the end of the second half if the score is tied or close. This is when teams are still energetic and pushing their formations, making goals more likely.

  • For handicap bets, place them in the final minutes of the match.

  • If there are no live bets in the first half, join in the second half.

  • For the first match, monitor the gameplay, study the head-to-head history, and follow expert predictions.

Choose the Right Matches for Live Bets

As mentioned, not all matches have live bets, and not all live bets are worth participating in. Play live bets in major or medium-profile matches where teams are evenly matched.

Such matches often have more surprises and are more favorable for live bets. Avoid betting on lower-ranked, highly unequal matches, or small, less-followed leagues, even if the bookmaker offers live bets.

Limit the Number of Live Bets Per Day

Another tip for live betting is to limit your participation each day. Don’t join too many bets despite the allure and high rewards.

Only participate in 2-3 live bets a day, with a maximum of 2 bets per match. This gives you enough time to analyze, monitor the match, and make adjustments. Also, if you’re not having a lucky day, you won’t suffer significant losses, allowing you to continue betting on other matches or the next day without going into debt or losing everything.

These are the detailed guides on Euro live betting and tips to win easily from win tips bet. We hope these insights help you feel more confident in betting and win valuable rewards.


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