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Rooting Galaxy Ace i8160

We're going to be running some articles over the next few weeks about getting the most out of theAce 2, but most of these points start off at the same point: rooting the phone. That means getting access to the most fundamental level so you can change the software.

Rooting Galaxy Ace i8160

Now, as per usual withthese rooting articles, I'm going to start with a warning: rooting your phone isn't allowed by yourSamsung. If anything goes wrong, you'll be voiding your warranty. That said, I've written abunch of these guides, and (touch wood) I've not run into any problems, so if youfollow the steps below you shouldn't have any trouble. But if you do, CNET doesn't take any responsibility.

The reason mobile providers object to rooting isn't just to do with bloody-mindedness (although it'sa bit to do with that). Rooting takes away all the safety features that are designed to protect you,meaning that a malicious app could wreak havok in a way that a non-rooted phone might be able tostop.

The flip side is that rooting allows custom ROMs if you find the Samsung one (or aspects of it)not to your tastes, alongside powerful apps that won't work without root access. If that's enough totempt you, then before we begin, make sure you have the right version of the handset for the rootingprocess.

These are all direct download links -- keep them on your PC's desktop. Get the Samsung USB drivers if you haven't already, Odin (which will letyou get the rooting software from PC to phone) andthe rooting code specifically for the Ace 2 we need: remember, only the GT-I8160 model! Finally,you'll want to download this file and drop it onto your phone's SD card over USB.

Both of those will flash up warnings of great evil in the wrong hands,but they're pretty harmless compared to rooting (these bits are allowed by Samsung!), so if you'refeeling panicky now, you ain't seen nothing yet and might want to back out.

Now unzip (right click and Extract All) the rooting code we downloaded earlier -- that's the catchily namedfile 'I8160XXLD8_ready_to_root_ANT.tar', and you'll find an almost identically named fileinside: 'I8160XXLD8_ready_to_root_ANT.tar.md5'. Put that on your desktop for safe keeping, andreturn to Odin. Press the 'PDA' button, and find the file we just extracted to the desktop and selectit.

Hi, ive been trying to get cwm on my samsung galaxy ace2 for a while now and im following your instructions but no matter how many times ive flashed the file the phone still boots into stock android recovery and not cwm. Is there any alternative?

SuperSU is one of the best software for getting the Superuser access to settings of applications. It is the tool of the future. The app will give you the keys to any application on your rooted device you want. It provides the Superuser access rights to all the software on your phone that demand rooting. With this tool, you are able to solve any problem with any application.

A warning signal to its handset competitors, Samsung's reign of power is quickly moving away from the one-off flagship Galaxy S devices, with the Ace 2 firmly rooting itself as a mid-market challenger with a near budget price point that will appeal to...

For those of you who are not familiar with rooting, it is like jailbreaking your phone to support neat new features normally not found on a smartphone. There are many benefits you can have once you gain root access on your device. For example, you can make your phone run faster, install custom ROMs, and install (sideload) applications from third-party sources.

Along with great functionalities and features rooting has to offer, it also has some downsides. Once you root your device, you are also (possibly) voiding its warranty. Although, there is usually the option of unrooting your device by updating it with a stock ROM. Overall, rooting can be a win-win situation.

We explain how to reset and restore factory settings to Samsung i8160 Galaxy Ace 2, the phone will remain as the first day it is purchased, without any information or app installed.If you have forgotten the device security code or the lock pattern, if you want to sell or recover your device to another person, or if your mobile is very slow, has a virus, or is very loaded with information, it usually be the most common reasons for a complete reset.

The wait is finally over for Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 GT-I8160 users. Unofficial TWRP Recovery has been released for ACE 2 GT-I8160. All credit goes to Team Win for developing this TWRP Recovery. You can download it from xda developers forum. brings the proper rooting information for ACE 2 GT-I8160 users. The good news is that you can root your device after installing TWRP Recovery using Magisk. Now you can download and install TWRP Recovery on ACE 2 GT-I8160. Root process will remove the factory restrictions of your phone. You can use your device in a better way after rooting it.

Samsung ace 2 gt i8160 manualThis root method is for the gt- i8160 android jelly bean 4. 50 mm weight 122. the firmware code is ubl from uzbekistan. 2: : 1106830: galaxy ace 2. it is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new. samsung samsung smartphones: model name galaxy ace 2: other names gt- i8160, gt- i8160l, gt- i8160p, ace ii: gsm frequenciesstandard umtsstandard lte standard 5g type touch dimensions ( w x h x d) 118.

00 gbuy case: display color / pls tft 16m colors the following tutorial shows all method of master reset samsung i8160 galaxy ace 2. 3 gingerbread settings. 2 and is based on the " universal root script". - odin tool - samsung device drivers ( download) flashing guide: 1.

help gan samsung galaxy ace 2 ane bootloop hard buka recovery mode aja gak bisa yg bisa cuman download mode, ane maunya balikin ke gingerbread trs ane salah rom qq: t18: 15: 26+ 07: 00. as a result your samsung i8160 galaxy ace 2 will be as new and your st- ericsson novathor u8500 core will run faster. so yes it is safe for you to use this root for as long you have jelly bean 4. check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and android 2.


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