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1. Fresh Starts LINK

Researchers have dubbed this term the fresh start effect. It says that people are better at tackling their goals when they start on so-called temporal landmarks (i.e. start of the new year, the first of the month, beginning/end of the week).

1. Fresh Starts

By framing your performance progress as part of an ongoing sequence of events, you can avoid the feelings of a fresh start. Remember, you want to stay away from the restarts in times when things are going well. Do the following:

In the first of three laboratory studies, participants took part in 10 one-minute word games where they were paid for every word they generated correctly. After the first five games, participants received feedback on their performance. In order to induce a fresh start, the researcher created a reset group whose last 5 rounds would be scored from zero, a new starting point with respect to their first five trials. In addition, they had a control group who were continuously scored throughout the whole 10 rounds with no change or interruption.

On August 30, 2022 the pre-patch for Wrath of the Lich King Classic begins.With the release of the pre-patch, Blizzard will also be opening two new serversin each region, one PvP and one PvE, that will be what are known as"fresh servers." These servers are going to be disconnected from all otherClassic realms, meaning the only way to play on them or with the people playingthere is by making and leveling your own character. You will not be able totransfer characters to the realms, nor will you be able to boostcharacters on the realms. These realms are meant to be a fresh start for anyone lookingto get back into the game, and should appeal greatly to anyone worried about beingbehind when starting new.

In short, if you plan to play on the fresh servers, make sure you have somepatience. It is likely that your early leveling experience will be a bit slowerthan you might like, with lots of player congestion and queues. However, if youstick with it, you will also probably find the world to be more alive than onany other server in the game.

As mentioned above, the fresh servers will open when the pre-patch begins onAugust 30 (NA) or 31 (EU). The pre-patch lasts until September 26, when Wrath ofthe Lich King officially releases and Northrend opens. This gives you about 4weeks to prepare your new characters for the expansion. There is plenty that youcan do to prepare, but keep in mind that ultimately you should not feel pressuredto play if you do not want to. All of the recommendationsbelow are mostly to make your experience easier later on: there is very littlethat absolutely has to be done during the pre-patch before being ready to enterNorthrend once it releases.

This is obviously the most important task to accomplish, and is the only one thatyou should consider to be "required" during the pre-patch if you are looking to playWrath when it releases. On the fresh server, you will be starting from Level 1.Even if you want to play a Death Knight, you still must level anothercharacter to 55 first. Your first and most important task once the servers launchwill be to level from 1-70. For most players, there will be two main methods ofleveling: questing, and dungeon grinding. With coordinated groups, especiallybecause it will be a congested server launch with tons of players, dungeongrinding can be an extremely effective method of leveling without needing toworry about competition for mob tags or quest rewards. Otherwise, questingwill probably be the most effective way to level your characters.

Because this is a fresh server, the economy will be created from nothing. However,just like on other TBC servers, there will still be a huge demand for resources once Wrathreleases and people need the new gear and materials. The best way to prepare for thatis to make some gold ahead of time so you can afford more things later. Specifically,farming raw gold from either questing at max level, farming dungeons, or AoE grindingmobs in the open world will be extremely lucrative early on. Keep in mind that severallower-level resources such as cloth, ore, herbs, and skins will all also be more valuableearly on as players start to level their professions.

This is the one thing I have issues with.The moment those 90 days are over, people will transfer their other characters with massive amount of gold they collected from the rampant gold selling in TBCC to this new fresh server and effectively inject millions of gold into the economy and ruin that server economy the same way every other servers economy were ruined.

One fresh US server and it's PVP how are you this out of touch, bet it ends up being west coast too lol unreal.most sever always are pvp if you wanna play a dead PvE sever they have 2 still running

Hmm, I was actually expecting them to do 2 each, PvP and PvE. But definitely still in line with my prediction - a SINGLE option for PvP, to ensure people don't have the chance to mess with faction balance. Here's to hoping that means it will be a healthy 50/50 split for a long time.Negatives of this are obviously population, it will be hell starting off in the early zones again. Even if I doubt many people will want to start fresh due to existing characters, I can see them doing it because they are discontent with their servers becoming one-sided (as is my case, oh how Firemaw fell).Similar problem, it's a PvP server. It will always attract mainly the camper world pvp abuser type of player that doesn't just fight once and move on, but deliberately picks on weaker players and tries to make them log off, even if they're a minority. I can see those people, again, rushing to max level to mess with lowbies leveling, then doing that again in a month in Northrend itself. That's just a constant though, no way to fix easily...

Don't forget guys and gals, these are fresh start realms with restrictions, that will eventually be lifted. The only way to know if the realm is going to be one faction dominant is going to be determined by whatever Racials are the strongest in Wrath... Which if iirc it was Human's "Every Man For Himself", and Trolls were really strong too. So it'll be interesting to see how this fresh start realms grows over 90 days, and then to see if players start transferring in more of one faction to either radicalize the realm towards one faction, or to try to even out the overall faction population.Interesting stuff in the works! Can't wait. 041b061a72


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